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'We Ain't Friends No More' - Shanne'll

Shanne'll is a Hustla 1st Lady 2nd. She creates music about everyday life that becomes timeless because anyone can relate. This is where music is imitating life. REAL life. She says what you want to say but won't.

Shanne'll speaks on everything from change, peace and love, to let's get wild, "Raggedy Family" (her song) and even we not getting walked on so it's time to fight you got the wrong one type music... And almost anything in between. She doesn't care about trends or making music for the young people (although she appreciates them listening to her music), her music is for the grown folks.

Don't catch feelings while she raw dawgs you.

About Me


This is a space for me to write something really epic about myself. Humbly bragging on my accomplishments and telling you how proud my mother is of me. This section is begging for me to lie about how I graduated from Harvard at the age of 13 with a Masters Degree in Everything.

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