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Tyler, The Creator’s Expanded Call Me If You Get Lost Feat. A$AP Rocky, Vince Staples, & YG

Two years ago, Tyler, The Creator released his triumphant album Call Me If You Get Lost. Tyler had been moving away from straight-up rap music over his previous few records, but he re-embraced straight up rap on Call Me If You Get Lost, collaborating with some of his hungriest peers and bringing in DJ Drama to ad-lib over the whole LP. Earlier this week, Tyler announcedsomething that nobody was expecting: Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, an expanded version of his album. Today, it’s here.

This is the first time that Tyler, The Creator has ever done the deluxe-edition thing, and its bonus tracks don’t feel like mere bonus tracks. On Twitter, Tyler explained that the original album didn’t have room for a lot of songs that he loves and that he’d finally decided to release those songs. In the past week, Tyler dropped videos for two of those tracks, “Dogtooth” and “Sorry Not Sorry,” but he didn’t say what else would be on The Estate Sale.

It turns out that Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale features eight new songs, many of which are absolute bangers. (It’s really seven songs and an intro, but still.) Those new tracks include collaborations with Vince Staples, A$AP Rocky, and YG. People are already combing through the new tracks for hints about a new Tyler album, but I’m just going to enjoy these tracks for now. Tyler also just shared a self-directed video for the A$AP Rocky collab “Wharf Talk.” Stream Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Saleand watch the “Wharf Talk” clip below.

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