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Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and prepare to be dazzled by the one and only Timtation aka Timtation Hutch aka Hutty Hood from H.I.M (Hood.Inspired.Music)! This lyrical magician is about to take you on a wild ride through the multifaceted world of hip hop culture. Born in the vibrant streets of Kingston, NY to the illustrious Ms. Palmer and the legendary Mr. Hutcherson, this musical prodigy has been making waves since the tender age of 2.

But life had its own plans for Timtation's journey. His single mother, a force to be reckoned with, made the bold move back to the dynamic city of Detroit in pursuit of her own dreams and a brighter future for her precious kids. So there he was, raised in the heart of Motor City, soaking up the rich tapestry of sounds and experiences that would shape his artistic destiny. Fast forward to today, and this brilliant artist finds himself back in his hometown of Kingston, NY, ready to conquer the hip hop world with his magnetic presence.

Timtation Hutch is not your average run-of-the-mill rapper. Oh no, he's the real deal, serving up that straight-up, no-nonsense hip hop music that hits you right in the soul, whether you're living in the present or traveling through time. With his undeniable talent, Timtation has become the missing element that the game has been desperately longing for.

And let's not forget about his signature catchphrase: "I am H.I.M." It's like his personal battle cry, an ode to his own greatness and a reminder to the world that he's here to stay. So buckle up, my friends, because Timtation Hutch is about to take you on a sonic adventure that will leave you craving for more. Get ready to witness hip hop in its purest form, courtesy of the one and only Timtation Hutch, the living embodiment of H.I.M.

Listen to GOAT below.

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This is a space for me to write something really epic about myself. Humbly bragging on my accomplishments and telling you how proud my mother is of me. This section is begging for me to lie about how I graduated from Harvard at the age of 13 with a Masters Degree in Everything.

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