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The Reign of Racci The Don & Pola Trill Begins with 'Use 2 Be Broke'

I recently had the pleasure of watching the new music video for "Use 2 Be Broke" by the up-and-coming rappers Racci The Don & Pola Trill, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. The song itself boasts a hard-hitting beat and lyrics that are all about making money and rising up from nothing, which is sure to resonate with many listeners. The video is shot professionally and showcases the duo in a variety of performance scenes, surrounded by stacks of cash, bottles of alcohol, and money counters. The visuals perfectly complement the lyrics and give viewers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle that the rappers have achieved through their hard work and dedication. Overall, "Use 2 Be Broke" is a fantastic song and the accompanying video is a testament to Racci The Don & Pola Trill's talent and potential in the rap game.

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