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#TBT Mandi Macias - "Take You Home"

Following on from a plethora of original releases, singer and artist Mandi Macias aims high and hits the mark with this bass-heavy, melodically addictive new dance-pop single.

Featuring those ever-impressive, confidently meandering vocals, Take You Home blends boldness and intimacy amidst a contemporary soundscape for a fully immersive hit.

The bass-led ambiance here injects a welcomed level of attitude and energy that really helps elevate the single, and offers something a little less than expected.

Mandi’s vocals are the sort that could take you through just about any melody and genre with style, but to weave in a heavier rhythm and synth combination than the majority of other pop songs, those dealing with topics of love and relationships, is to deliver something distinct and fresh.

Having performed her previous EP to an Old Hollywood theme back before the chaos of 2020, and since releasing hit after hit and rightfully building her fanbase in the process, Mandi returns with another superb pop single, and a clear passion and professionalism; the likes of which unite beautifully, promising an artist well worth looking out for on live scenes across the board.

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