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Stream MIKE, Wiki, & The Alchemist’s New One More EP

MIKE, Wiki, and the Alchemist have teamed up for a new 3-song EP called One More, which they made in conjunction with a fashion capsule drop from Patta and Tommy Hilfiger.

“The 1st time i ever heard the word Girbaud or Hilfiger was from a Grand Puba verse,” Alchemist said in a post on Instagram. “They said they wanted to do something with @wikset , & asked me if there were any other dope new artists from NY I thought would be dope to add to the mix. I showed them one video of @mikelikesrap and they were instantly sold. I had been working with Mike & had been wanted to work with Wik , & they already rocked with each other , so it was perfect.”

“We all linked in Amsterdam, ate some fire Surinam food, listened to beats, and put the play in motion,” he continued. “They said do whatever we want and gave us full creative control with the music. We ended up making a full plate, but the first course is a 3 song 12” featuring Mike & Wiki , produced by The Alchemist, brought to you by Patta & Tommy Hilfiger.”

That means there will be more where this came from, but for now enjoy the One More EP below, which includes a title track (which got a video treatment), plus “Be Realistic” and “Odd Ways.” Check it out below.

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