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SSGKOBE “Escape Your Love” feat Trippie Redd

On Friday, underground frontrunner, SSGKobe dropped the remix for his Soundcloud hit, “Escape Your Love” this time featuring Trippie Redd - one of the original members of SoundCloud royalty now doing his best to pay-it-forward to the next generation.

“Escape Your Love” originally dropped as a SoundCloud exclusive back in December and just 3 months later sits at over 2.2M plays - and now is blessed with a Trippie Redd verse for its official release on streaming platforms. The track is a perfect example of SSGKobe’s commanding presence and refreshingly gentle melodic delivery, combining his captivating vocal with dynamic new-age production to create one of his catchiest and most radio-ready singles yet. Trippie matches Ko’s melodic flow with his iconic vocal, adding just a little bit of grit to the soft-edged song with his charismatic and lovably belligerent delivery.

In the Rock and Egg-directed visual for “Escape Your Love”, we see Kobe and Trippie standing in a colorful void located nowhere-in-particular, sing-rapping their verses while dazzling visual effects dance around them in sync with the swirling production. One scene in the video shows Ko singing while stuck in a casket six-feet-under - perhaps portraying one of the only ways to really “escape your love”.

SSGKobe’s current trajectory is perfectly summed up by the iconic NBA Jam sound-byte at the top of the track: “He’s heating up”. Already with huge hits like “MIA”, “Thrax” and “Calabasas” under his belt, Kobe has continued his impressive upward ascent over the past few months with successful one-off releases like the aptly titled “Don’t Miss”, Yachty collab “Fuk Em” and just last week the energetic straight-to-YouTube banger, “Marni”. With the new Trippie-assisted remix of “Escape Your Love”, Kobe is gearing up for the release of his brand-new project ‘u4eya’ (presumably pronounced “euphoria”). Given his consistent quality and strong command over a wide range of sounds exhibited since breaking through early last year, there’s no reason not to expect another stellar project from one of the most promising and well-rounded new artists rising out of the underground.

Check out the video for SSGKobe’s “Escape Your Love” feat. Trippie Redd below.

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