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Soccer Mommy – “Shotgun”

Even after Soccer Mommy toyed around in the experimental electronic pop realm with last year’s one-off single “Rom Com 2004,” a collaboration with Bon Iver/Low producer BJ Burton, I cannot say I ever expected Sophie Allison’s next album to be produced by Daniel Lopatin. Yet here we are: The follow-up to 2020’s magnificent color theory is a full-length collaboration with Mr. Oneohtrix Point Never himself. It’s called Sometimes, Forever, and it’s out in June. (No, it doesn’t feature Abel Tesfaye — that I know of.)

Lead single “Shotgun” pairs clattering processed drums with a surfy guitar line worthy of a retro spy movie, but when Allison’s voice hits the frame, that familiar holographic melancholy comes rushing back in. “‘Shotgun’ is all about the joys of losing yourself in love,” Allison writes in a press release. “I wanted it to capture the little moments in a relationship that stick with you.” Kevin Lombardo directed the video, which you can watch below.

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