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In the video, you can find Snupe riding solo through his alternate version of Gotham City. Dripped out in iced-out chains and swerving in a ’Vette isn’t the only thing Snupe is flexing. He also flaunts his insane flow, as he can go on and on, bar for bar. Listening to this track, you would think this man doesn’t breathe! He speaks on being the most hated by his oppositions and simply being the most fly. The Ithinkethan-shot visuals start with Snupe in the studio laying down some bars as he gets so excited that he automatically has a video idea come to his head. It then cuts and is set with a dark and sinister experience with the only lights coming from streetlights, buildings, and the headlights of his Corvette.

Even though this track and its featured album are sad and a salute to the late Dolph, Snupe can bring positive energy with his cadence and flow. The visuals for “I Know Why” are out now, and you can watch the video below.

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This is a space for me to write something really epic about myself. Humbly bragging on my accomplishments and telling you how proud my mother is of me. This section is begging for me to lie about how I graduated from Harvard at the age of 13 with a Masters Degree in Everything.

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