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Scott McCaughey & Peter Buck – “MacDougal Blues” (Drivin N Cryin Cover)

Starting in November, a new compilation honoring Drivin N Cryin leader Kevn Kinney will be released in four parts. According to R.E.M. HQ, Let’s Go Dancing: A Celebration Of Kevn Kinney will kick off with the first quarterly installment: Said The Firefly To The Hurricane (out November 24 via Tasty Goody Records). Until then, we’ll get to hear a new single every two weeks. One of those is a cover of “MacDougal Blues” by former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck (who produced the original song and album in 1990) and Scott McCaughey, who also plays with Buck in the No Ones. The full release will wrap up in summer 2024, “with 100 songs aggregated digitally.”

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