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S. Raekwon – “Single Mom’s Day”

The NYC-based Buffalo native S. Raekwon — the genre-straddling singer-songwriter Steven Raekwon Reynolds — released his debut album Where I’m At Now last year on Father/Daughter. Today he’s back with a powerful new song about the love between a mother and a son.

Reynolds is celebrating Mother’s Day a few days early with the release of “Single Mom’s Day,” a sprawling, heartfelt tribute to his mom. “This is the most honest song I’ve ever written,” he writes in a press release. “It’s about my mom, who, in spite of everything going on, got back on her feet time and again. Who was also my father growing up. Who was more than enough.” The track matches Reynolds’ softly bellowed memories of growing up in a one-parent household with a floaty piano-based ambient backdrop. It sounds like Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart singing Bob Dylan’s “Murder Most Foul,” and the results are quite moving.

Reynolds’ aunt Jenny Conte directed a lyric video for “Single Mom’s Day” featuring photos of his childhood. Watch it below.

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