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Roy Wood's Latest Single 'Don't Love Me' Proves R&B is Alive and Well in 2023

As the conversation about the state of R&B music continues, Roy Wood, an OVO singer, is one artist who is keeping the genre alive. With undeniable talent, his latest single, "Don't Love Me," is a testament to why the Ontario artist deserves attention in 2023. Roy's way with words in his music captures the hearts and souls of his listeners, making an instant connection. The LegitLooks directed video for the track takes the production to the next level, showcasing the rollercoaster ride that comes with modern dating.

In an interview, Roy shared that he loved making the video because of how true to life it is, as he is currently going through a similar situation himself. The song also sheds light on the male perspective in relationships and the thoughts that come with it.

Although Roy had previously announced that his album, Mixed Emotions, was set to be released last summer, he later disclosed in an interview that he had scrapped the project. Fans are hopeful that a new album will come out this year.

Be sure to check out the "Don't Love Me" music video below to experience Roy Wood's undeniable talent for yourself.

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