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RICH JUNKIES – [Austin Skinner]

The DMV is absolutely oozing with talent, and they have been for years. In fact, I personally credit that area for really making the SoundCloud scene the popular and powerful underground force that it was a handful of years back because I think the majority of the artists that opened my mind up to different genres, variations, and sounds mostly came from this region. Maybe it was just for me personally, but the DMV really impacted me in a major way, and Austin Skinner is one of the artists that I think changed the game early on, so the fact that he didn’t break into the mainstream years ago baffles me.

Regardless, he has this workhorse mentality that I don’t think will ever change no matter how big he becomes, and that’s huge because I truly and honestly believe that he is going to be an immense star, but people just have to catch up for some reason. Although he is known for dropping copious amounts of music all year long, I was pleasantly surprised just as much as I was excited to find out that he was releasing an album called RICH JUNKIES. Now listen, this isn’t just any old album.

This project features an eye-opening 34 songs, and even though it only lasts about an hour and ten minutes long compared to the number of tracks he included, we are able to get quick hits of all-out bangers that are going to keep fans occupied for years if not longer, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Obviously, considering it just dropped yesterday, I haven’t had enough time to listen more than once, but I can say with the utmost confidence that this is going to go down as one of the best albums to come out in the underground all year long.

What’s even crazier is the fact that he only features 8 guests, which may be a lot for other efforts, but he is able to mainly keep this album all to himself and show off the very diverse range of skills that he has in his arsenal. While every song exudes creativity, energy, and power, Austin honestly displays such a wide range of deliveries, flows, lyrics, and other sonic aspects that it is pretty much impossible for any listener to give this a genuine listen and not discover at least a handful of songs that they vibe with.

34 songs might sound like a bit of an undertaking, but Austin Skinner is the perfect artist to make this run through feel effortless and as enjoyable as possible, making RICH JUNKIES the album that I had always hoped it would be and more, so don’t sleep on the young legend any longer and tap in with his latest and greatest release as soon as you can!

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