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redveil – “2daside”

The Maryland rapper and producer redveil makes woozy, contemplative, introspective music, and he just had a huge breakout year. On his 18th birthday, redveil released his self-produced album learn 2 swim. A couple of months ago, redveil’s tourmate Denzel Curry jumped on a remix of his single “pg baby.” Today, redveil has released a new single called “2daside.”

“2daside” is a little less murky and more energetic than most of the tracks on learn 2 swim. On the new track, redveil combines smeary synths with trap drum patterns, and his chorus is all fired-up sing-rap chants. But redveil’s music is still fundamentally oblique, and “2daside” is still more Earl Sweatshirt than Travis Scott. Check it out below.

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