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The deeper you dive into the Georgia rapper’s catalogue, the more you understand the additional wait might have been worth it. At the age of 6, the West Virginia born, Georgia raised PM Lowe, under the mentoring of his cousin, learned how to make beats and currently goes under the name “The Alumni”. Production wise, his production credits are mainly in-house, working with fellow artists Valdrin Lamont, Dezzy Yates, among others. Outside of that, he’s worked with Hip-Hop artist MegaRan, professional wrestler Rocky Romero, legendary Hip-Hop group Nappy Roots and more. He started rapping at 14, while learning how to engineer at 16. In 2011, he released his first string of solo work and has been releasing music since.

In 2020, his single, Quinceañera, from his “Rebirth” album landed #110 on the Indie DRT Global Top 200 Airplay Chart, while his single Mariah, from his 2021 album “Thank You & You’re Welcome 2” has been on Wordplay Mag, Mundane Mag, IGGY Mag and ROUGH ONLINE’s “Best Music of the Week”, respectively. As of this writing, he has over 1.4 million overall career streams and with his constant releases, it looks like more will be on the horizon.

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This is a space for me to write something really epic about myself. Humbly bragging on my accomplishments and telling you how proud my mother is of me. This section is begging for me to lie about how I graduated from Harvard at the age of 13 with a Masters Degree in Everything.

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