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MSB Boog delivers new banger titled "Slimeball"

MSB Boog is an American rapper-songwriter hailing from Pensacola, who adopted the stage name MSB, short for Money Stackin Bozz, to reflect his diligent work ethic, ambition, and artistic vision. After debuting just two years ago, MSB Boog has been prolific in releasing various projects, including the hit track "Soldier" and his EP "Life In The Trenchez," which features the fan-favorite "Run It Up."

MSB Boog's journey has been marked by a transition from a struggling upbringing to potential stardom in the music industry. He grew up in poverty and faced difficult times, even serving time in jail. However, he has persevered and now celebrates his transformation from a blockstar to a rockstar with his latest track, "Rockstar." With a new signing to EQ/RocNation and a distribution deal, 2023 promises to be his most significant professional year to date.

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