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MCM Raymond and AZChike joined forces from Inglewood to South Central for a smooth-talking, unmistakably West Coast single, “Rasta.”

On “Rasta”, MCM Raymond slides over the turned-down, West Coast production with his super smooth, lightly auto-tuned flow dripping with LA swag and cool confidence. His laidback melodic delivery is deceptively simple and incredibly catchy – perfectly contrasting with AZChike’s more rap-first but still understated delivery to create a fresh-sounding, intensely Los Angeles bop.

In the straightforward black-and-white (and red-and-blue) music video directed by ShotbyLate, the pair take turns delivering their slick-talking bars direct to camera in front of an S-Class Benz while Raymond hits his light two-step – dipping in and out in under 2 minutes for a hugely catchy, short-and-sweet single.

Inglewood-native MCM Raymond has made a name for himself in LA over the past several years with his fresh melodic approach to the regional sound, gaining wider attention with songs like “Every Week”, “Neighborhood Hoochie” and his biggest song to date, “In My City” – a collab with Inland Empire’s KingMostWanted. Now that he’s built up demand for his calm, melodic delivery, the new single “Rasta” sets the stage for his anticipated second project, Many Can’t Maintain, set to drop in June.

Watch the video for “Rasta” below and be on the look for MCM Raymond’s second project, Many Can’t Maintain.

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