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Kid Cudi – “Stars In The Sky”

Kid Cudi has maintained a side hustle as an actor ever since he appeared on a 2010 episode of One Tree Hill, but Cudi has truly been in a cinematic mindstate lately. Cudi recently starred in the Ti West horror film X, which is in theaters right now. Soon, Cudi will star in September 17th, the directorial debut from his X castmate Brittany Snow, and he’ll also make his own directorial debut with the Netflix film Teddy. Cudi was also in Don’t Look Up, which is up for Best Picture at the Oscars, and he had two songs that were shortlisted for the Best Original Song trophy. Cudi didn’t get either of those nominations, but maybe he’ll get nominated next year, since he’s on the soundtrack of the forthcoming cinematic opus Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is coming to theaters next month, and it’s got Idris Elba joining the cast as Knuckles. The first movie was a big hit, and I am fairly certain that I’ll have to take my kids to see the new one. The new Sonic only has one song on its soundtrack, and that song is “Stars In The Sky,” the new Kid Cudi single.

“Stars In The Sky” is a bleepy, uptempo dance-pop track produced by Take A Daytrip and Dot Da Genius. It’s got Cudi singing some veryhappy melodies through a whole lot of Auto-Tune, and it definitely sounds like a song from a kids’ movie. A pretty weird look for Kid Cudi! But maybe it’ll be a hit! The song’s video plunges Cudi into the Sonic universe, and you can experience it below.

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