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JPEGMAFIA x Danny Brown – “Scaring The Hoes”

Eight days ago, JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown officially announced their long-teased collaborative album Scaring The Hoes, and they shared first single “Lean Beef Patty.” It was our favorite song of last week. The album comes out in just three days, and now Peggy and Danny have also given us the new LP’s title track.

As you might imagine, “Scaring The Hoes” is a noisy, expressionist, art-damaged rap song about the idea that you shouldn’t make noisy, expressionist, art-damaged rap music. Both JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown rap from the perspective of detractors who think they’re wasting their time with this stuff: “Play somethin’ for the bitches/ How the fuck we supposed to make monеy of this shit?/ You wanna be a MC?/ What the fuck you think, it’s 1993?”

JPEGMAFIA produced the track, and it sounds like the two rappers brought a live band in. The beat is dense and choatic — handclaps, saxophones, thundering rock drums, possible guitar power chords. That’s a whole lot of sound, but both Peggy and Danny have voices that cut through all of it. Check out the glitchy Logan Fields-directed video below.

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