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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

This week, the south-side of San Antonio’s rising star, Hoodlum (sometimes known as Southside Hoodlum) dropped a new single, “3am” - flexing his compelling and decidedly unorthodox South Texas style during his visit to No Jumper studios earlier this month. Everything about Hoodlum is different: from his uniquely punchy production to his truly one-of-a-kind braids to his hugely stylistic, sometimes whispered delivery that makes his natural voice feel like it’s been chopped-and-screwed. As a Mexican-American artist from San Antonio, Hoodlum is carving out a lane of his own with unapologetically bold choices and undeniable charisma, all of which are on full display in his new single and music video.

On “3am”, Hoodlum is in full whisper-mode, effortlessly gliding with a barely-awake flow that somehow lands perfectly over the uncharacteristically mellow production (produced by Veno the Builder). His understated delivery on the intensely chill beat creates a slowed-down, trance-like atmosphere that one can’t help but notice mimics the effects of Texans’ notorious favorite past-time and coping mechanism.

In the video for “3am” - shot by Hoodlum-staple, Ace the Shooter - we get a recap of his recent trip to Los Angeles for his first-ever interview, with clips of his No Jumper visit interspersed with shots of his enviable accommodations in the Hollywood hills. Viewers also get a good look at Hoodlum’s very own brand of AK-47 themed orange juice - a nod to one of his biggest and most defining songs to date, “OJ” off his 2020 project Orange Tape: also containing some of his other most notable releases including “Walk In”, “Came Down”, “Belly Freestyle”, and more.

Overall, Hoodlum is a truly one-of-a-kind personality and one of the few artists to break out of the San Antonio scene in recent years - and perhaps the only Mexican-American one. Between his hyper stylized, uniquely catchy approach and his larger-than-life personality to go along with it, it seems likely that this is only the beginning for Hoodlum.

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