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Homeboy Sandman – “Satellite”

The Queens underground rap veteran Homeboy Sandman has been busy lately. Earlier this year, he released There In Spirit, an EP that he recorded with producer Illingsworth. Then, Sandman revived Lice, his collaborative project with Aesop Rock; their three EPs are now on streaming services. And today, Sandman has announced a new album called Still Champion, which is produced entirely by the Denver-born and New York-based rapper and producer Deca.

Homeboy Sandman says that he had the idea to make a whole project with Deca after they worked together on the 2021 stand-alone single “All Because Of You” and the song got a big response from fans. “All Because Of You” appears on Still Champion, and Deca also makes a couple of guest appearances on the record. Sandman has just shared the new single “Satellite,” a breezy and thoughtful boom-bap track that shows off his conversational strengths. Below, check out “Satellite” and the Still Champion tracklist.

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