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Holy Fuck – “Ninety Five”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Toronto dance-rockers Holy Fuck. Two years ago, the band teamed up with friends like Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor and POND’s Nicholas Allbrook on their album Deleter, but that record came out just as the pandemic was hitting, and Holy Fuck didn’t exactly get to play a lot of shows behind it. Now, Holy Fuck are gearing up for a huge tour of Europe and North America, and they’ve just followed Deleter with what appears to be a stand-alone single.

“Ninety Five” is an instrumental, and it’s a serious rocker. The band has put together a crashing, rumbling rhythm track — the kind of thing that could’ve only come from live drums and bass — and they’ve smeared it with scratchy post-punk guitar sounds and heavy echo. The whole thing sounds huge and guttural, like Liquid Liquid produced by Fatboy Slim. Sick song. Below, listen to “Ninety Five” and check out Holy Fuck’s touring itinerary.

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