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GloRilla & Cardi B’s “Tomorrow 2” Video Is A Beautiful Thing

Right now, the Memphis rapper GloRilla is going through a wild, dizzy come-up. Earlier this year, she released “FNF (Let’s Go),” an underground smash that went viral and crossed over to the Hot 100. That success won GloRilla a deal with hometown rap king Yo Gotti’s CMG label, and she made her debut for that label when she released her song “Tomorrow” a couple of months ago. (Since then, GloRilla and Gotti came out with their collaboration “Blessed.”) Today, Glorilla has a new version of “Tomorrow” with her spiritual and stylistic peer Cardi B, and its video will brighten your day the fuck up.

Cardi and GloRilla make so much sense together. They both make assertively ratchet head-slap music, and they both sound great over hard, simple beats. In the Diesel Filmz-directed video for “Tomorrow 2,” GloRilla and her friends go wild in Cardi’s New York hometown, pole-dancing on subway poles and hanging out of sunroofs. Then, Cardi herself shows up and says a whole lot of tough shit: “Bitches be on dick today, sing every word of ‘Up’ tomorrow/ Bitch, I still got cases opened, keep your mouth shut tomorrow.”

There’s one Cardi line that’s worth quoting at length: “I don’t speak dog, ho/ I don’t care what no bitch say/ I stay on her mind, I got condos in that bitch head/ She say she don’t fuck with me — who said that you can, ho?/ That n***a a munch, and he gon’ eat me like a mango.” So good. That last line is a shoutout to another underground rapper on a fast come-up — Bronx breakout Ice Spice, whose “Munch” is doing the same thing now that “FNF (Let’s Go)” was doing a few months ago. Expect to hear Cardi on a “Munch” remix before long, and check out the “Tomorrow 2” video below.

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