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Girlpool – “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure”

Girlpool announced their new album, Forgiveness, back in January. We’ve heard the considerably poppier “Faultline,” “Lie Love Lullaby,” and “Dragging My Life Into A Dream,” and now we’re getting a final single from Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad called “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure.”

Opening up about “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure,” Tividad says:

Nothing Gives Me Pleasure is about trying to love yourself when it feels like no one else will. It was written during a time when I was working so hard to get someone specific to love and recognize me. On the path to doing that, I diluted myself so much that I lost sight of my own needs. This video plays with the lengths we go to to feel loved and how so many faces of intimacy may disguise what love actually looks like to us specifically. I have a history of getting lost in the labyrinth in the struggle for affection. In this video I wanted to interface with my own patterns in the attempt to better see and love myself.

The video features Tividad in prosthetic makeup and has cameos from Jordan Firstman, Ali Michael, Bodhi Brooks Porchia, and others.

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