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“Ghost” - Mandi Macias

Mandi Macias a multi-talented Pop music artist, singer and songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles California delivers "Ghost" visual.

Mandi wrote her first song at the tender age of 8. She then followed up the success of the song with her debut EP Titled “Sixteen” in 2018. Despite being regarded as a “Pop” artist Mandi’s sound combines elements and nuances from multiple genres such as Synthwave, Alternative Pop, Electro Pop, and Contemporary R&B. Mandi’s music is on all streaming platforms.

“Ghost” released on 10.29.21 & “Ghost Unplugged” dropped 02.26.22. These singles show Mandi’s versatility since this was recorded with live music and has a Pop, Alternative Pop , Punk, Acoustic, & Indie Rock Pop sound to it. Mandi will be releasing more music this year.

Check out "Ghost" below.

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