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DJ Quik – “Class”

The legendary Compton rapper and producer DJ Quik has been making music since the late ’80s, and he’s still perfectly capable of making an absolutely gorgeous new track. Before today, it had been a while since we’ve heard from Quik. His last record was Rosecrans, a collaborative EP with Problem that came out way back in 2016. (They expanded it into a full-length in 2017.) Today, Quik is back with a casually masterful new single called “Class.”

“Class” isn’t some grand statement of purpose; that’s not really how Quik works. Instead, it’s just Quik rapping about butts, casually virtuosic flow completely in the pocket. But the real reason to pay attention is the way Quik chops up strings and bass into something symphonically funky. Give the track a listen below.

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