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Devinelli - Top Shotta (Official Music Video)

Devin Little, professionally known as Devinelli is an American Rap artist from Bessemer, Alabama. Hailing from humble beginnings, Devin learned early the true meaning of hustle and hard work; realizing through observing his parents, nothing worth having comes easy.

Playing around with music at a young age with his cousin, Devin's flow came quite naturally. However, family tragedy and the death of that cousin at the age of 15 would change Devin's life forever, and ignite the passion for his craft, which still burns today. By 16, pain had birthed Devinelli; the undeniable artist with the unique sound that attracts the masses.

Six years and three EPs later, Devinelli has inevitably found his lane, often being compared to Yung Bleu with a bit of melody, critics rate the young phenom authentic with a work ethic and level of versatility that remains unmatched.

Listen to "Top Shotta" below.

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