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Deerhoof, Empath, Water From Your Eyes, & More Have Songs On New Comp Benefitting Striking Workers

Yesterday was May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day. To celebrate, DC-based Gardenhead Records released a gigantic compilation album to raise money for strike funds. Per the Bandcamp page, “Proceeds will go towards ongoing strikes and unionization efforts as well as the contributing artists.”

The 47-track comp features a lot of impressive names from the indie underground, including Deerhoof, Dan Deacon, String Machine, Water From Your Eyes, Palberta, Empath, Florry, Radiator Hospital, the Natvral, S.C.A.B. (hopefully not in the sense of crossing a picket line), Ryan Pollie, Spirits Having Fun, and both Pile and Anika Pyle (no relation), among many others.

Stream it below and buy it at Bandcamp.

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