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Chief Keef is launching his own label called 43B, and Lil Gnar is his first artist.

As an undisputed GOAT and forefather of Chicago drill music, the reclusive cultural powerhouse is finally ready to create a label. In his own words, “I’m ready to give artists that are changing the game a label where they can really succeed… I want to pass on my knowledge of the industry to artists who are shifting the culture so they can make it to the top.”

In keeping with the remarkably independent approach to his historic career, Chief Keef’s new label is a partnership with innovative publishing maverick BMG via RBC Records – who helped release Sorry 4 The Weight, Thot Breaker, and Mansion Musick and will be headed by his longtime manager, Idris Dykes and Head of A&R & Marketing, Sophie Kautz.

The name of Sosa’s label, 43B, apparently stands for “Forget Everybody.” While slightly confusing at first, presumably the 4 stands for “F” and the 3 for “B” – and when spelled out looks more like “(4)orget (3)very Body.”

As his name is synonymous with Chicago drill, Atlanta-based Lil Gnar may come as a surprising choice for Keef’s first signee. A familiar face around the industry for years, Gnar is best known for his successful clothing brand, Gnarcotic, as well as several big-time collaborations and genuine hits like “Death Note” with Lil Skies & Craig Xen and “Diamond Choker” with Lil Uzi Vert. His latest release, the star-studded DIE BOUT IT dropped just a few weeks ago and is already his biggest project yet – signaling a strong start as he enters Sosa’s fledgling label.

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