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C.LACY- You Can Do Better (Official Video)

Dripping in swagger, pop/R&B artist Cory Lacy isn’t afraid to put his heart on his sleeve. Releasing music under the moniker C.LACY, the Dallas-based singer’s musical catalog so far is an arsenal of candid lyricism intertwined with undeniable grooves.

Garnering millions of streams, the singer-songwriter has made a name for himself as an artist capable of capturing moments with brilliant relatability and delivering them with melodic expertise. Tracks like “I Love Ya,” his debut single from 2019, is an evocative ballad which seeks to demonstrate his commitment to a partner while his most popular release, “You Can Do Better,” tenderly encourages women not to settle for less. In this way, C.LACYis an artist dedicated to sharing his experiences in a heartfelt and captivating manner.

Above all, C.LACY explains that his goal is “to bring back that real R&B feel and connect with many out there who enjoy a song that takes them on a journey.”

Listeners can look forward to “HARDWORK,” his latest single released on August 12th in anticipation for his debut EP.

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