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Bloc Party – “If We Get Caught”

Bloc Party, baby! We didn’t forget! And now they’re coming back! Next month, the UK veterans will return with their new LP Alpha Games, their first in six years. The band has described the new album as a return to the anthemic dance-punk sound of Silent Alarm, and that’s pretty much exactly what everyone wants from this band. They’ve already shared the early singles “Traps,” “The Girls Are Fighting,” and “Sex Magik.” Today, they’ve broken us off with a fourth one.

Bloc Party’s latest is called “If We Get Caught,” and it’s a big, yearning, chest-pounding rocker. The band really knows how to bash out a song like this, welding open-hearted melodies to itchy dance beats, and this one nails that combination in a really satisfying way. It’s probably my favorite Alpha Games single thus far. In a press release, Kele Okereke says:

There are only two songs that I feel like have any tenderness on the record, and “If We Get Caught” is one of them. It’s really about recognizing that the game is coming to an end and about trying to steal a moment of tenderness with your partner before the curtain comes crashing down. I think it’s about trying to find moments where you can really connect with someone amidst all of the chaos that’s going on in the world.

Check it out below.

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