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Bandmanrill – “You Don’t Know My Name” (Feat. Fetty Wap)

For the past few months, the young New Jersey rapper Bandmanrill has been making a name for himself by rapping energetically over Jersey club tracks; we made him an Artist To Watch a few weeks ago. Bandmanrill is a hybrid beast. He knows how to rap over club music, but he carries himself with the blustery energy of a New York drill rapper. One thing that club music and New York drill historically have in common: They love big, obvious samples. On his new single, Bandmanrill proves that he’s not immune.

Bandmanrill’s new single is called “You Don’t Know My Name,” and you’ve probably already guessed that it’s built on a sample of the 2003 Alicia Keys hit of the same name. (Fun fact: Bandmanrill was one year old when that song came out.) On Bandmanrill’s track, producer DesBallout chops up the Alicia Keys song, turning its luxurious soul into something much more hectic and anxious. And then Fetty Wap shows up!

Fetty Wap, the New Jersey rapper who flirted with crossover stardom in 2015, is currently in jail. He was arrested on federal drug charges at Rolling Loud last year, and he’s currently awaiting sentencing; he could be gone for five to nine years. (Apparently, the incarcerated Fetty Wap recently went viral with a Thanksgiving song called “Sweet Yamz.”) On “You Don’t Know My Name,” Fetty sounds perfectly at home next to Bandmanrill, and it’s good to hear him again. Bandmanrill must’ve had the song and video done for a while; he’s been sharing snippets for months. The full video came out today, and you can watch it below.

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