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Arlo Parks – “You’re The One” (KAYTRANADA & Syd Cover)

Leading up to the Grammys, there’s a new edition of the Spotify Singles series. The premise is that Best New Artist-nominated musicians pick one of their own songs and record a new version of it, plus they record a cover of a previous BNA nominee. Earlier in the month, we heard Finneas rework “Medieval” and offer up his interpretation of Bon Iver’s “Flume.” The latest installment in the series features Arlo Parks reimagining her own “Softly,” as well as covering KAYTRANADA’s Syd collab “You’re The One.”

“Why it was such a joy to record my Spotify Singles session in the studio, I felt somehow part of the legend,” Parks said in a statement. “Syd’s voice in ‘You’re The One’ always had this effortless beauty to it in my eyes and I wanted to cover it to expose the romance and yearning behind the lyrics. It was an honour to be able to sing my new song ‘Softly’ too, to highlight the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter in my career and celebrate being nominated for Best New Artist.”

Check them both out below.

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