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Across the Moon – [Kenneth Cash]

I’ve had so many moments like this, especially in Atlanta, where I wouldn’t be in the mood to go out and get lit until I’m under the influence of something. As soon as I felt that buzz, I was ready to go. By the end of the night, once that feeling wears off, a sense of reality and denial sets in” – Kenneth Cash

Brooklyn artist Kenneth Cash returns to Lyrical Lemonade with another excellent single titled “Across the Moon.” Serving as an introvert anthem, Cash elaborates on how he prefers to remain undercover, which tends to juxtapose with his emerging stardom. The ambiguous lyrics and chorus in particular create a vulnerable record told from an implicit lens, which successfully draws listener intrigue. Sonically the ambient, yet bass-heavy production brings out the best of Kenneth’s smooth, modern R&B vocals. Along with the singles “Stickyola,” “The Right Place,” “In Effect,” and “Patience,” Kenneth Cash simply hasn’t missed yet, and I don’t ever expect him to. It’s only a matter of time before we receive a debut body of work from Cash, which inevitably will continue to elevate his superstar level potential. Listen to “Across the Moon” below!

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