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50 Foot Wave – “Hog Child”

Kristin Hersh is best-known as the leader of the underground rock institution Throwing Muses, and she’s also a few decades deep into a great, underrated solo career. But Hersh also has another band, a power trio called 50 Foot Wave that also features drummer Rob Ahlers and Throwing Muses bassist Bernard Georges. Next month, 50 Foot Wave will release Black Pearl, their first full-length album since 2005. We’ve already posted first single “Staring Into The Sun,” which is awesome. Today, they’ve shared another song, and it’s another good one.

Like “Staring Into The Sun,” “Hog Child” takes its time. The song lasts nearly six minutes, and it gives Hersh plenty of room to howl and to shred. (She’s an ultra-distinctive singer, and she can also play the hell out of a guitar.) The song starts out at a low simmer before growing bigger and louder and more intense, and it’s cool to her Hersh cut loose on something so psychedelic.

Listen to “Hog Child” below.

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