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24kGoldn & Bandmanrill – “Checkers”

Here’s a weird combination! 24kGoldn is the Seattle sing-rapper who made the gigantic hit “Mood” in 2020 and who never really capitalized on that momentum. (24kGoldn was last seen on this site when someone used his arm in an art installation.) Bandmanrill, on the other had, is the surging young New Jersey rapper who combines drill with Jersey club and who was just a Stereogum Artist To Watchlast month. Now they have a song together! Huh!

The new 24kGoldn/Bandman collaboration is called “Checkers,” and it really does sound like a combination of the two rappers’ extremely divergent styles. Producers Einer Bankz, Jaasu, and Alex Oso have put together a beat that’s got room for fluttery melodies and fast, insistent Jersey club drums and bed-squeaks.

Einer Bankz is the Swiss ukulele producer who co-produced Polo G’s #1 hit “Rapstar,” and as it turns out, ukulele sounds pretty good over Jersey club. 24kGoldn sings about heartbreak, while Bandmanrill bulldozes through the track, and they complement each other nicely. Who would’ve thunk! Check out the song below.

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